Teaser PET wand Toys

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You pets will react instantly at the site of these teaser toys. They are versatile to use with all types of pets but seem the most popular with cats, dogs, hamsters, and rodents. The bells inside have a subtle ring which demand attention instantly. These Teaser wands are brilliantly designed to enhance pet training by introducing operant conditioning and classic learning strategies developed by the Great Pavlov. These eco friendly toys are environmentally friendly and are made of digestible  materials. Bundle this item with the Pet Collars + matching keychain sets to create the perfect gift for your fur babe.

 Great for indoor or outdoor pets. Great tool for bonding! Indoor cats benefit especially with these wands by being more active while burning off any excess energy. 

Toy contains:

Wooden Teaser Wand Stick with Mouse or Ball Interactive, Bell, String; attached.