SUPER CAR Wood Craft construction kits

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Great bonding activity to introduce children to. These Eco friendly toys help our planet and teach and green initiatives as well. Very popular item in Japan! Enhance problem solving skills, dexterity and fine motor skills. Great collectors piece.  We recommend bundling this item with the  SUPER CAR ACTIVITY BOOKS to create the perfect shipment or gift.  Our  WOODCRAFT CONSTRUCTION KIT Assembly Guide is included below. Please read all instruction before proceeding for best results.


1. On opening the pack, lay the sheets of wood on a flat surface, orientated the same way as the plan sheet on the reverse of the outer picture. DO NOT remove any pieces from the frame at this time. 


2. Next, using the plan sheet, locate those pieces that have slots marked by the number 1. Gently remove them from the frame. If the pieces also have much higher numbers on them it may be useful to write those numbers next to those slots on the wood in pencil, these number can be erased later on. ONLY remove those pieces that are required.

3. Using the picture as a guide, slot the pieces together, you may wish to use the enclosed sandpaper to gently enlarge the slots to assist in this process.

4. Always stay in number order to ensure that the pieces are fitted in the correct order. It may be necessary to remove pieces already fitted to fit the next piece. It is best to avoid using glue at this stage, in case they need to be removed later. These kits are constructed from natural wood, which due to moisture content can vary in thickness, if the slot is too tight use the enclosed sandpaper, if the slot is too loose, pack with a small piece of paper.

5. When the model is completed, it can be painted, varnished or left in its natural state. It is recommended, to ensure that the pieces stay together, that the entire model is brush with a generous coating of 1 part PVA glue to 5 part water, and allowed to dry.

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