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Our Kawaii party sets are guaranteed to impress your guests or the recipient of this wonderful gift! This tea party will be one of the first events that your child will learn to host while practicing and learning manners, sharing, and etiquette.  The Kawaii theme is immensely popular in Japan and modern culture. The trend is increasingly becoming viral. The aesthetics are hunted online especially by those in the anime, manga, and gaming worlds. This set is a collector’s dream! The contents in this set are authentic, imported and premium quality… imported from Japan. You will not find this set anywhere else… we can pledge this with confidence. We strongly recommend that you order yours today!  


Contents include:

  • 1 Kawaii shoulder bag
  • 10 Heart-shaped paper plates
  • 1 kawaii paper cup
  • 5 sharing pink or lilac paper cups
  • 1 “Dream in color” wall pennant
  • 6 chopsticks sets
  • 30 pack Kawaii resealable treat bags
  • Kawaii stickers
  • Kawaii collectible