About Us




Thank you for all the love and support. We sincerely appreciate you! Did you know that proceeds from profits go towards ABUSE CHILDREN'S INTERVENTION PROGRAMS?! You can find out more by tapping the Gift for Good options at checkout.

Our eco-friendly products and imported interactive play sets  are what set us apart from other generic Arts and Crafts stores. We offer giftware suitable for all ages that is applicable to any setting or occasion. Our Art supplies are premium quality with affordable pricing (We aim to keep our prices hoovering around the $13 mark).

Our décor and accents are versatile and light weight and easy set up. Our designs compliment any aesthetic, occasion or event. A popular favourite item of ours, in high demand, are our giftboxes.

 Our Giftboxes focus on products that are  practical and useful while transiting into a new space, home or milestone. We recommend these items for:

House warmings and/or First Apartments, Real Estate Client gifts, Corporate gifting,  Acceptance letters, Graduations and other underrated events or milestones worth celebrating!


Brand Ambassador Opportunities:

Another defining feature that sets our brand apart from the rest are our BOX 13 Influencer Giftboxes.  Along with the 5 featured items, each box is accompanied with  promotional offers comprised of Affiliate Marketing partnership opportunities. These boxes are a GREAT VALUE and one of the best decisions  you can make for yourself or gift recipient. These are a LIMITED item. Order yours now! 


One of our most prized Industry leading events are our VIRTUAL ONLINE EVENTS... specifically our 13 & Co. Luncheon Events. We have successfully altered the standard boring virtual meetings buy introducing live entertainment in the meeting rooms. Request an INQUIRY for more details  regarding our catering options, entertainment database or personal chef arrangements.

Learning through experience from over 10 years in the event industry, we highly regard the importance of consumer satisfaction. For this reason, we have curated the 13 & Co. Collections for your pleasure and convenience. Browse through our products to access them.

 Please INQUIRE for more details.